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Monday, November 7, 2011

Celebratory Eggplant Szechwan Dinner in honor of Lisa Zhang Wharton's Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square

Tonight, I made Eggplant Szechwan in honor of Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square by Lisa Zhang Wharton, coming soon in print by Fantasy Island Book Publishers.  Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square is part-20th Century Historical Fiction and part-Romance.  It is a unique book that was inspired by thousands of true stories surrounding the events in Tiananmen Square in the spring of 1989.  

The story follows Baiyun, a college student at Peking University who abandons her studies in order to join the Pro-Democracy movement.   She meets Dagong, a married factory worker whose love for life is reborn by the passion of the movement and by his passion for Baiyun.  Baiyun finds sanctuary from her complicated life in the arms of Dagong, only to have Martial Law threaten their sanctuary, their liberty and their lives.      

Check Out Lisa Zhang Wharton's blog (there's a link to her book here.)

Here's the finished product:  Yummy!  So much better than P.F. Changs. 

Fresh Asian Eggplant from the Asian Grocer...  I had seven big ones!

Green Onions, fresh ginger, garlic and a fresh chili pepper

Sriracha is the star of the show whenever I cook!  I love it spicy.

I steamed some Baby Bok Choy in the handy dandy Pasta Boat.  I never use that thing for Pasta.  It's great for steaming fresh veggies. 

Jasmine Tea in my favorite mug... thanks George & Paul for the cameo appearance!

Add some brown rice... I didn't even make a big mess! 

I better watch out, or else I'm actually going to start to enjoy cooking!   



  1. As you can see, I didn't quite cut it the way he said to in the recipe. I cooked it the way he said to cook it, except I sub'd veggie broth in the place of chicken broth. No animals were harmed in the making of this meal!

  2. Mmmmm!!!! Delicious!!!!

    Love Lisa Zhang Wharton's work! Can't wait for the book!

  3. Thank you Nicole and Connie. I love eggplant. Cooking is fun. I will send you more eggplant recipes.

  4. It sounds like an a wonderful book to read!